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In the past two decades, as a well-known manufacturing enterprise, Dahua has continuously providing disposable medical devices in high quality and high standard to meet your requirement. Shanghai Dahua Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd. established in 1974. The company is specialized in innovative and high quality blood transfusion products and disposables. There are three main categories: disposable apheresis system of plasma apheresis set, platelet apheresis set and plasma collecting system; Contraceptive product of female condom; Clinical transfusion therapeutic products including non-sterile syringe, retractable syringe and hemodialysis.
The company has a group of skilled professional technicians and management teams. It is located at industrial area of Shanghai, with total area occupies 61000 m2. Dahua has owned 85,000 m2 GMP- standard cleansing/sterilization rooms. We established quality system conforms with ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003. Many products are also CE Marked. Some of the products are FDA approved.
Dahua’s goal is to produce high quality products and disposables. Dahua is moving forward to a more professional and competitive company.